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  • We grew up on the web; it's nostalgic. We've also seen how it's changed over time.
  • What once was a place to chat with people across the planet is now a platform for commercialization of products and services. We have no issue with the commercialization of the web. However, we are more aligned with products and services that promote human communication and collaboration. Most of these services don't require modern web technologies.
  • While we still intend on building web sites, our goal is to experiment with new ways to encourage human communication and collaboration.
  • Another thing we have noticed is the ever-expanding number of features that get added to a project over time. Without restraint, projects quickly expand until they require a team to maintain them. We want to resist the urge to continuously grow our projects. Relatively small, self-contained projects are what get us excited about engineering.


  • Promote human communication and collaboration
  • Build a space for the smaller web
  • Use modern tools with care
  • Projects should to do one thing, well
  • Foster a community of hackers who enjoy minimalism
  • A single person can fully understand a project

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